Tech Twirl: Podcast #1

My podcast (whose link can be found, below) is about the experience of reading PDFs across various devices.

In truth, this 8+ minute podcast is only the first podcast in a prepared series of three podcasts that will feature this subject.

In this initial podcast, I begin by discussing “what a PDF is.”

“PDF” stands for “Portable Document Format.” It’s “portable,” because PDF documents are easily transferable from one computer to the next without disturbing the formatting and location of the documents’ elements.

I compare the portability of the PDF to that of the Microsoft Word document, which is subject to format alterations when switching among computer terminals and devices.

I also discuss Adobe’s Acrobat Reader software versus Adobe’s Digital Editions software; in doing so, I reveal my preference for the latter over the former where ebooks are concerned. Not only is the reading experience less grating on the eyes, but the Digital Editions reader allows the user to borrow DRM-protected content from library websites.

In part two and three, I will discuss the experience of reading PDF’s on various Digital eReading devices (the Kindles, Nooks, and Sony Readers of the world), and in part three, I will discuss the tablet market and about the ease of use of various apps in the Apple and Android Stores, respectively. I will also share my hopes for Amazon’s Kindle Fire, set to be released in mid-November, in terms of my preferences for PDF reading applications on tablet devices.

The Link: Tech Twirl Podcast: The PDF Experience Across Devices

If you don’t already possess a copy of the Adobe Digital Editions software, I highly recommend it. You can download the software at the following website:


2 responses to “Tech Twirl: Podcast #1”

  1. Daniel Moore says :

    Thanks for the podcast on PDFs. I had the same issue with the adobe acrobat reader, even the professional. It’s not very intuitive and if you have ever wanted to make a document interactive online it becomes frustrating. Like adding checkboxes for applications. I havent heard of the “digital editions reader” before, is this strictly for e-books? Or does it work for all platforms?

    • Daniel Moore says :

      Also, I am not sure if we are supposed to critique our podcasts for class. I found your podcast to be quite professional and I really liked the beginning audio intro. Your script was well prepared and your voice was clear. The only thing that might be a problem (per the assignment instruction) is the length of your podcast.

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