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Where are all the aliens?

In 1950, physicist Enrico Fermi posed this question to a group of his colleagues:

The universe is forever old; we, as humans on Earth, have managed to evolve to our present stage of development after only a short span of time, cosmologically speaking. Chances are, intelligent life exists somewhere else in the universe; moreover, it’s quite likely that such life would have developed some manner of advanced technology. But, then, why have they not reached out to us?

This “problem” became known as “Fermi’s Paradox”.

Geoffrey Miller defends one possible explanation for the aliens’ absence: video game addiction.

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The New Face of Tech in Teaching: a slideshow

Putting the “T”, “E”, “C”, and “H” into teach: a short slideshow featuring several technologies that are fueling the space, face, and race of teaching, today. I welcome comments, suggesting additional technologies!

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